What I Do

I am an energy reader and healer and I love to help people find clarity, peace and healing. Sometimes people have questions about relationships, sometimes people want help healing their ancestral lines, sometimes they want their cat to stop peeing in their bed! I do get that question a lot. It runs the gamut and I am happy to help with all of it! (Although I can't promise your cat will stop peeing in your bed. They might! But you may just find out more about WHY they're doing it. I do animal rescue, so maybe why that's why I get that question so much??) I also communicate with the loved ones who have passed, both of the human and animal variety! In our sessions there are many ways I can help. If you're feeling upset or confused I can tell you what pictures and beliefs you are holding in your space that are preventing you from moving forward or gaining clarity about the situation. If you're having a problem at work or in a relationship I can give you information about what is happening energetically with the person or in the environment which alone can often provide relief.  We also will look at what you're holding in your space that brought you to the situation in the first place. Then we can go to the healing and de-energize those pictures so you'll feel less triggered and can move to your next level of growth.  I do all of this by seeing the pictures in your space that get lit up in your chakras and de-energize them, updating energetic contracts, cutting cords and much more. Sometimes past lives will come up that often mirror exactly what's going on with what you're dealing with today and I can de-energize it and update the contract to present time so it doesn't keep coming up for you. Full disclaimer: my work is not intended as a substitute for therapy so if you need dire help, please seek it!

What I don't Do

I also like to say what I don't do, as this work can sometimes be called psychic work or mediumship which has its own assumptions carried with it that are not what I do.  I do not: read the future or channel people or spirits. This can sound confusing as I do communicate with those who have passed, but I don’t channel them, meaning they do not inhabit my space. I have clear boundaries and communicate with them as if they are in front of me, not inside my system. I read energy systems but I believe everyone has autonomy over their lives and make the choices that determine their future. This is why I love my work--by removing old outdated energy it empowers you to move ahead more freely in the world and continue more easily into your next stage of evolution. My work is very non-invasive. I don't go into your space or the space of the people you might have questions about. They show me on a being level what they are comfortable revealing or I won't see it. I only read what people are open to showing me on an energy level. Boundaries--both yours, theirs and mine are very important to me. At the end of our session after you go I make sure I have enough time between clients to do an energetic separation. So whatever is yours that may have mingled with my energy goes back to you and whatever is mine comes back to me.


I got my first reading when I was 15 (1,000 years ago-I'm kidding, I just realized that might sound like I was talking about a past life) and ever since then I wanted to do it. How did she know Rick Springfield was not ACTUALLY my soul mate?? Okay, she also said some less obvious things that fascinated me. I never really thought it was possible for me to have those skills, even though I was always very empathic. I thought people were born with the ability to read energy or not. Now I know it is not just for a chosen few. I do believe we all possess these abilities we often just shut them down. But in 2001 I began studying with a teacher from Psychic Horizons (based in San Francisco) for 2 years, learning what I now use in my readings. Since that time I have continually furthered my education because I love learning as much as I can about energy reading and healing and there is always more to learn. I also hold certificates in many modalities of energy healing, including Reiki, and stone medicine. While I do love all of the modalities I have learned, the focus of my work is what I have learned through various teachers at Psychic Horizons. I look forward to helping many more people on their path to becoming more light filled and empowered!


I live in Asheville, NC with my amazing husband, son and daughter (they also have their moments) and currently 14 cats (some fosters, some ours) and dogs. We moved here from Los Angeles where I always dreamed of being able to have a house big enough to save more animals and now we are living that dream! Some of them get adopted, some of them stay with us forever and that's fine with us. I am also a writer, and I write and play music and make jewelry with my aforementioned amazing husband.