Everything is retrograding! Or, how do you chill when the world is flipping out?

This morning my husband found a dead baby opossum on the road with her babies alive still in her pouch. (Stay with me, this *might* be going somewhere.) Because my husband is also my hero, he knew to take the babies who were latched on to their mama's nipples and put them somewhere warm. That somewhere warm was inside my daughter's cloth Curious George bag, strapped to his stomach. After calling around for 2 hours I finally found a place that would take those babies and just like that they went from living next to my husband's stomach to a wildlife refuge who knew exactly how to feed them.

Basically, this mama opossum AND her babies and all of what they have gone through is how I've felt for the last month with EVERYTHING seemingly eclipsing and retrograding. A stretch you say? I mean not really!  I'm grateful I haven't gone through anything as severe as those poor opossums have, but it HAS felt like I just wanted to take to bed and have someone wake me when the solar system gets its shit together. OR when I was hand delivered to a refuge that knew just how to take care of me.

So since no wildlife refuge was going to take me (or human retreat with a spa) I had to figure out how best to care for myself. I am not always great at it. I know exactly how to help friends and clients through tough times but taking my own advice? Sometimes just having a glass of wine is easier! But I DO know what works for me and when I do it, I feel so much better. So I'm going to take my own advice and do this as I share it with you:

1. Allow whatever you are feeling to be. No more fighting and resisting it. If you are feeling upset and don't like now things are, ask yourself: "Can I allow what is to be?" It sounds too simple to be effective, but it's the most powerful tool I have. I learned this from my go to peace maker, The Sedona Method. Whenever I do this I immediately, involuntarily take a deep breath. Just the act of not resisting makes everything a little calmer. I keep doing this until I truly feel a shift.

2. I call all of my energy back to me. When I am feeling upset to any degree I know I have I energetically left parts of myself everywhere I've been or even where what I've been thinking about! If you are obsessing about something you are definitely handing it your power and going there on an energetic level. The simple act of just saying to yourself, "I call all of my energy back to me," can go a long way to feeling more powerful and centered.

3. After all of this, I fill up with my highest gold light. After I release old energy I want to replace it with something that is going to feel restorative. Some people imagine themselves under a waterfall of gold light, some people fill up with something they feel is like sunlight, however it works best for you, this will help you feel more like yourself.

I hope this helps! We'll get through this! Only one more eclipse to go!?!