Happy New Year! Leave your things at the door.

Hello wonderful people!

I don't know about y'all but I've found so far 2019 has taken no prisoners as far as weeding out what is not working. Perhaps it was the eclipse season, but 2019 does not have time to mess around! I'm actually pretty grateful for that even though it can be (real talk: has been for me!) very difficult. The true gift of all this releasing is that it leaves room for more of what DOES work to come in. This isn't just a woo woo platitude- there's a reason the country is Marie Kondo crazy right now, and it's not just because she's ADORABLE. It's because whether we're conscious of it or not, it feels really good to let go of the energy of the things that aren't serving us anymore.

Why do I bring all of this up?? Because one of the tools that has been very fun for me this year (and the first month isn't even over yet!) is working with what I call our "mock-ups" of what you want to create, clearing off what has been in the way of creating that (hello mom, dad...the entire 7th grade experience??) and then bringing in on an energy level what you DO want. As many of you know I don't give advice, I relay what you on a being level (your highest self) is telling me. So you tell me energetically exactly what you need, we create the room for you to receive it and then we bring it in. I love this because it's like custom-manifesting!

Whether it's with me or on your own, if you are letting go of people, patterns, energies, whatever it is, please remember to invite in your highest gold light as you release. That way you are filling up with your highest information and good as the old leaves, and you're not just leaving a blank space (baby, and I'll write your name! Sorry, I had to give you a little T-Swift, I couldn't help myself!). If you're not sure when to do this, just do it in the morning or night (or both)!

Yours in love and gold light,