Lessons from a deaf, mute chihuahua (and me)

This week a dear friend texted me frantically asking if I knew of any animal communicators. I texted back, "Um...I'm one?" After I confirmed that I don't just read people, she said she was sure her deaf, mute chihuahua was dead after running off into the cold, wet night. I looked (energetically) and assured her Lucy was not dead. I saw her hunkered down in the mud under something that looked like it had stilts or something, I wasn't exactly sure where but I knew she was close. Because this sweet thing can't bark, there was no way she could alert my friend where she was. 

A couple of days went by and still there was no sign of her. I looked again and was very sure that she was still alive,hunkered down in the mud. But too much time was going by. I realized I needed to stop being so gentle with my communication and not just ask for what I want, but DEMAND it.  I said (energetically), "Lucy, they are out looking for you day and night! You need to tell me NOW where you are!" That's when I heard clearly, "I'm trapped in a barn." I told her to wait until morning and showed her what light would look like to her indicating it was safe to go.

The next morning my friend texted to me to say that Lucy was found wandering in her neighbor's yard next to a barn! The search dogs led them inside the barn to a spot where Lucy had been hunkered down waiting for days until it was safe to go.

Okay so this story is sounding like not just a humble brag, but a straight out brag, but here is why I shared it. 

1. Your intuition is not going to yell at you. At least not at first. It's pretty frustrating, TBH. Life would be MUCH easier if the loudest voice in your head was what your gut, a.k.a. your highest self was trying to tell you. Why are the louder voices the ones that are making constant lists of things you haven't gotten to, or telling you what you're doing wrong? Because those are the ones you listen to more. It's like the comedian who focuses on the person in the room not laughing, if you're like most people on the planet, you have been focusing on your ego's voice. Or the "That's DUMB you shouldn't be feeling that" voice. But listening to your gut is like any other skill; you get better at it with practice. Your intuition is going to actually be pretty quiet, especially at first, especially if you have not believed in it and shoved that voice down. But when you start giving it stock and dare I say believing in it (believing in YOURSELF) then that voice gets louder. There was a long time when I would have pushed aside my knowledge that Lucy was alive and safe. My friend was convinced she was dead. But I didn't even question it. I knew it, because I have made it a habit to listen to that voice. So I would suggest you don't ignore that quieter voice and instead listen to it until it becomes the loudest one in your head (and body).

2. Sometimes you have to stop asking nicely and start demanding. I knew I was on the right track, but giving it some space and asking politely wasn't getting me anywhere. So I had to demand it. If you know in your gut you are listening to your highest self, and walking up to it nicely and asking for it isn't getting you anywhere, then go ahead and demand it. I'm not suggesting plowing over boundaries or taking what isn't yours. But if you are listening to your gut you need to trust when it's time to go and take what is yours.Let's be bold and demand our highest good! It can only help everyone around us as well.

It really is an honor for me to get to do this work. I am grateful for my clients every day!

Have a wonderful month!