My goodness it's been awhile!

I haven’t been updating here but that was an oversight! If you are a subscriber to my newsletter this will look awfully familiar, and if you’re not, here’s an idea of what you’ll get. This is a portion of the newsletter from August, but it applies to really anytime of the year. Hope you enjoy it!

August gives us a break when we sure deserved it! Get your joy on and manifest!

Well hello again to oldies and welcome to new readers! (Sorry for calling some of you oldies but I am appreciating getting older more and more and I'm liking taking the stigma out of the word! Wow this is a long greeting!)

So friends it's been a rough June and July for many of us. The US is experiencing so much heartache in so many ways, and I know many of us also went through some hard lessons personally. But Leo season is upon us and I do believe the message of (the rest of) August is JOY! A.K.A. Get your joy on! Try to keep reading even though I just said that, because it brings me to a story. Here it is.

When she was a baby, my daughter was very serious. I did not know this was possible in a baby until I met her. She literally came out of me with her eyes wide open, checking out the room with a serious look on her face, like "what the fuck just happened and who is going to pay?" She would stare down cashiers.She often looked at us as if she was being paid to write an objective review on how we were sizing up as parents. She was a content child, but she was not a joyful one.

The truth is I didn't even realize she wasn't joyful until the first time we went to the beach. Now, we lived in Los Angeles so you're thinking, "Oh, so when she was like 3 months old?" Readers, we lived in LA but I grew up in California, and as may be obvious by where I choose to live now (the mountains) I was never a beach girl. Add to that the fact that the beach was 45 minutes away even with what people in Asheville would call heavy traffic and what we then called "no traffic". I wasn't dying to get down there. So the day she set foot on a beach she was (don't judge me) 3.5 years old. But when she got to the sand she started running around and a look appeared on her face I had never seen! What is this I'm seeing on her face?? It was joy.It even looked like she was slightly uncomfortable with it, as if she had to break it in like a pair of jeans. But my gut feeling was that we needed to provide her with more experiences that made her feel that way. It wouldn't feel natural at first, but that expansion was important. I jokingly say to my husband when we pass by the framed picture of her from that day, "That's the day she got her joy on." (The first time I said it I had to assure him I was not seriously using that expression and notarized a letter assuring him I never would.)
Sometimes joy is not inherent in our natures. Sometimes it's been buried. Sometimes it's been prioritized down on the list with, "Find an adult tumbling class." What I'm saying is, sometimes we have to go find it. And what I'm saying is, sometimes we HAVE to go find it. As my guides told me, "Joy is one part of the expression of humanity. When you block joy you block the other expressions as well." Okay, hold on I never tell y'all you HAVE to go do anything, but this month unless you are grieving (which I know some of you, including my wonderful husband is) I'm just really going to encourage you to do this!

Here are some ways that I find joy: Dancing, jumping (weird but true), swimming (which I NEVER do), just being in nature quietly and listening to the sounds around me, making music, laughing, creating new connections, STARING AT MY PETS (oops did I get too emphatic there?), letting in love. RECEIVING!

So this month I'm asking you to first ask yourself, what have been the most joyful times of your life? Maybe you know right away and that's great, but if you don't, spend a few minutes thinking about it.
I asked my trusty guides how to find more joy and this is what they said. Wanna hear it, here it goes:

Ask yourself what brings you more alive.
Appreciate what you already have that opens your heart.
Find time to fill your heart with this feeling and truly experience it.
Feel your feelings fully.
Joy comes to people differently.Some people find joy crying in a dark movie theater watching a movie that opens their heart.
Some people find joy dancing in a parking lot with strangers.
Prioritize that which makes you come alive.

I hope this gets you excited to add this into your life! The one thing I find myself repeating to my lovely clients this past month is you don't have to have a long meditation practice or move to an ashram to add spiritual practices into your life. You can do it while you brush your teeth or wash the dishes or even walk the dog. You can breathe in the joyous feeling that you want to feel as you go about your daily routines and just sit in that feeling. Why not? It's more fun that going over your to-do list or obsessing about why someone hasn't texted you back yet.

Hope this was all helpful! Have a wonderful month and I plan on updating more here soon.

With love,