"Natasha has a gift. I came to her needing some clearing of old beliefs and karmic contracts that were blocking flow in my life. I was constricted and feeling hopeless about certain dynamics. Natasha was able to identify what needed clearing and also what areas I could support my own growth in my interactions with others. I'm so grateful for Natasha's wisdom, love and support." 

Heather A, Fletcher, NC

“Natasha’s readings and healings always make me feel better, lighter, and bring a sense of freedom and infinite possibility. Her gift of moving long stagnant energy is deeply healing and palpable on many levels. Natasha is able to tune into the subtle, forgotten places and shines her healing light into all of it. Every conversation brings the purest insight through nonjudgmental listening and authentic  connection. She is a gift in my life!”

M.Y., Greensboro, NC

"Fabulous energy reading. I have a whole new attitude!! Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. You are the real thing."

Kathryn D., Los Angeles, CA

"Before going to see Natasha I was a bit in the dark concerning some interpersonal relationships. Natasha helped shed light on these issues with characteristic love and humor. She was able to update any pertinent contracts that were no longer serving me with fluidity and knowing. I have since returned to her for help with all matters relating to health, relationships and career. I continue to be impressed and my path has become much more clear and confident as a result of her assistance. She's got the sight and she knows how to use it!  <3 

Cassie C., Asheville, NC

"I had no idea what to expect. I've never had an energy reading and didn't really know much about it. Everything Natasha said and felt made so much sense, and provided me with clarity, and a sense of hope and renewal. I suddenly feel like new things are indeed possible, and that old patterns and contracts have been updated or thrown out accordingly. My energy reading was more valuable to me and my sense of well being than I ever could have imagined, and I can't wait to come back for more!"

Bethany H. Fairview, NC